Communication Request

Please use the Communication Request Form to request promotion for your event or ministry. 

Communication FAQs

Why would I need a communication request?

There could be several reasons:
  • You want to make the church and/or community aware of an event/activity.
  • You want to present your ministry during one of our worship services.
  • You’re raising funds or receiving in-kind donations for a cause.
  • You’re recruiting volunteers for a ministry or other service opportunity. 

Do I need a communication request if I just need to book space/resources?

If you just need space or resources (tables, bins, sound/light/tech, etc.) for a meeting, but don’t need to tell the congregation or the community about it, then you don’t need to fill out a communications request. Simply email

How far in advance should I submit my request?

A minimum of a 30-day lead time is appreciated. You can request an event up to a year in advance of the date.

What happens after I submit my request?

A   member of the communication team will respond regarding approvals and next steps. 

Why might my request be denied?

There could be several reasons: 
  • Too many requests for the same dates
  • Requests for funds or in-kind donations too near each other
  • Event/activity not related to Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church’s vision, ministries, or mission partners

What happens if my request is denied?

There are several options, based on the reason for denial: 
  • If your request is denied for date conflicts or proximity to other requests, the communications team will work with you to find dates that work.
  • If your request is denied because it’s not related to LCPC vision, ministries, or mission partners, you can discuss it with staff or session members over your area of ministry.